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let me bottle that moment for you


“Tori was an absolute joy to work with and we would choose her 1,000 times over! We immediately clicked with her and she just got us. My husband was initially not enthused about taking engagement pictures, but loved the experience so much he was totally looking forward to seeing Tori on our wedding day! Her style, direction and editing were exactly what we were looking for and we can’t wait to work with Tori again!”

I know what love isn’t.

Let’s be real, I didn’t grow up in a fairytale, but I watched those princess movies on repeat. You know, the ones with unrealistic expectations. I have divorced grandparents, I’ve never known them together. My parents are divorced after 23 years of marriage. Don’t pity me, just let me explain.

I shoot weddings because it’s weekends after weekends of the happiest day of a couple’s life. It’s constant relationship love, something I missed. Maybe I just want to keep seeing love over and over again.

Maybe I love all the details and the prettiness of the day. Maybe I love having control and being trusted with memories. Maybe I love to create solid freaking photos.

There’s a lot of maybes. But what I am certain of is how much they piggyback off of each other to point out the true reason why I shoot weddings.

I shoot weddings because I like making people feel good. I like when they see their photos and get super freaking giddy because I brought their day back to them, reliving it through my photos.

I feel for you on your wedding day. I don’t come from perfection but because of that, I continually want to create it. I adore whatever kind of love you bring to my table. I value you tremendously, already, because you want me to capture something that you keep forever.