Let’s start by talking about who I am not.

I am not just the photographer or a vendor. I am not going to photoshop you to make you skinnier. I am not going to deliver your gallery in 24 hours. I am not going to book you and then never talk to you again, like I am some money hungry robot photographer. I am not going to pose you and make you feel weird with awkward silence.

Okay, so who are you?

I am a person. I am your friend. I am going to take those pesky zits or curling iron burns off your forehead. I deliver sneaks within 24 hours and am determined to deliver your full gallery sooner than expected. Whomever you are, however you act, I will channel that into your photos by giving you actions that give you those natural, candid moments you’re looking for. I understand that everyone has a different vision and feeling attached to their photos; I live off of that.


I’m 23 and thriving. Well, if I’m taking your photos, than yes, yes I am thriving. I enjoy a good party or an intimate time. I know you think you’re awkward, but I beg to differ.

The backstory:

I picked up a camera to shoot nature in 2014, because well, trees are pretty. I started posting my nature photos on Facebook and people realized i had a nice camera and asked me to take family and couple photos. Little did I know, it takes a lot more than a nice camera to take some photos.

Fast forward, I was asked to shoot my first wedding in 2015. 2016 I was asked to shoot 6, still, I was underprepared for the task at hand. 2017 I expanded, I attended workshop after workshop and second shot multiple weddings along with a few of my own.

THE NOW story:

2018 was my year. I quit my full time job in February of 2018 to take on photography full time. It has been the best decision of my entire life. Within the year 2018, I shot 18 weddings of my own and I am currently booking rapidly for 2019! I have met the absolute best people and delivered galleries that I never imagined I would ever be able to create. I have found that my bread and butter is weddings and couples. I also enjoy shooting families and seniors! I am officially done shooting trees.